Dead flowers

red rose on brown wooden surface
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

On the table was a drooping bunch of roses in a clear vase. The flowers once offered hope, but now took it away. A single drop of sadness clung to a wilted petal before eventually plopping into the water below.

 Were they in denial?

The room smelt musty, like a charity shop on a hot, summers day.

Does everything serve a purpose before dying?


Author: youngsungwriter

I'm a writer and DJ based in the UK.

3 thoughts on “Dead flowers”

    1. Thanks mate, it was a few lines from a chapter of my novel I was editing.
      The main character Lee had been talking about his dead friend (who he thinks he’s seen in his loft) to his keyworker who told him he’s been in denial.

      It made me think about plants and animals, if they’re aware of death and if not does it make life easier…. (it was probably during an insomnia driven writing session :))

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