Raw Literature: Young Sung Hero

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Raw Literature posts as an ongoing conversation about those first works we create as writers, as literary artists. Guest Authors share personal insights on their craft, its process, the experience of creating raw literature and what they do with it.

Carrot Ranch is a dynamic literary community that creates raw literature weekly in the form of flash fiction (99-word stories). If you have an essay idea, pitch to Charli Mills, Lead Buckaroo, at wordsforpeople@gmail.com.

We welcome a university student to Raw Literature this week. He’s working on his master’s degree in creative writing and explains how he came to write the following short fiction and why.

The Best Days of Their Lives? by YoungLee Giles

Charlie was sat on the floor with his arms wrapped tightly around his knees. He took a long, slow, inhale but continued to shake like someone who’d just been pulled out of a frozen lake…

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Author: youngsungwriter

I'm a writer and DJ based in the UK.

4 thoughts on “Raw Literature: Young Sung Hero”

  1. Powerful, brother. I couldn’t comment as comments were closed. But it is fascinating to watch your progress as a writer. You always touch on two topics so close To my heart. Recovery and fathers. Man, fathers. Wishing you all the best in your masters journey and beyond.

    Keep sharing the darkness for others to see the light.

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  2. Terrific writing! I extended the comment period if you want to go and respond to the discussion your writing sparked. Thank you for sharing your insights, talent and powerful story.


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